Traffic, Security & Defense Radars

Traffic Radars

Geolux radars for traffic applications are optimized for vehicle detection and vehicle speed measurement. Geolux traffic radars detect overspeeding vehicles, report various vehicle statistics and are easily integrated with existing ITS infrastructure through various supported communication protocols. Also available as OEM module for integration with road signs or speed cameras.

Security Radars

Geolux high-sensitivity radar intrusion detectors detect moving targets (humans and vehicles) within the coverage area. Advanced signal processing algorithms reduce false alarms to near-zero, while being able to detect pedestrians even through light vegetation. Cost effective and portable, easily integrated with existing alarm and CCTV systems, Geolux radars will protect your life and your property.

Defense Radars

Geolux radars for defense applications are carefully crafted to provide maximum durability under extreme operating conditions. Available in portable and fixed versions, these units are able to detect and locate threats as small as 1m2 RCS within the radar coverage area. Geolux defense radars are used to protect state border, military facilities and equipment and other critical national assets.