Contactless Measurement of Water Level, Surface Velocity and Discharge
Instruments based on radar technology offer highest accuracy in hydrological measurements of water level and surface velocity. These instruments are installed above the water surface, typically on existing structures such as bridges. Installation is fast and simple, and installing a single hydrology monitoring site can be done by a single person in less than one hour. As there is no contact between the instrument and water, maintenance is minimal, and there is no con- cern that mud, sediments or floating debris may damage the instrument or reduce the accuracy of measured data.
Geolux offers complete solution for monitoring water level, flow and discharge of rivers, channels and lakes. The product line includes instruments for water level measurement, surface velocity measurement, data logger and cloud-based software for real time data collection and analysis. These products are available separately, or as highly integrated compact hydrological station that also has solar panel and battery included.

Discharge measurement in open channels

Measurement of water level and surface velocity, combined with channel dimensions and channel parameters is used to indirectly determine the water discharge. Main benefit of using this approach is the fact that it relies exclusively on measurements obtained by non-contact methods, which makes installation simple and requires minimum mainteinace. The same method for discharge measurement can be used in different types of open channels: rivers, streams, irrigation channels, industrial and sewaga channels.

Wastewater management

Geolux sensors are commonly used in wastewater processing plants, replacing traditionally used sensors for level and flow measurement. Radar technology allows better precision of the measurement, and the ability to make measurements from above the water surface makes installation and maintenance easy. The sensors are enclosed in aviation grade anodized IP68 aluminum enclosure. All these factors make sensors perfect for operation in harsh environments, with expected operational lifetime much longer than it is with traditionally used contact sensors.

Irrigation monitoring

High sensitivity and accuracy of Geolux sensors make them ideal for level and discharge monitoring on irrigation channels. Reliable and accurate measurements can be expected even on narrow channels.

Sea level measurement

LX-80 products are suitable for precise sea level measurements. Aviation grade anodized IP68 enclosure is resistant to sea corrosion, and optional stainless steel enclosure is available on request. High sampling rate of the instrument allows measurement of average water level (tide monitoring) and discards effects of sea waves on measurements.
Radar Technology Benefits
  • Ultra-precise surface flow velocity measurement due to radar technology
  • Stable water level readings from radar level meter, not affected by changes in air temperature and density
  • Simple installation above the water surface, no need for special support constructions
  • Simple maintenance since the sensors are not in contact with water, mud, etc.
  • Enables ad-hoc installation for short-period monitoring
  • Reliable and affordable
Case Studies

Rapid deployment on Vrljika river

Water level of Vrljika river started dropping quickly after an earthquake. Less than 24 hours after the event, Geolux technicians have installed remote water level monitoring station on Vrljika.

Irrigation monitoring

Compact HydroStation consisting of water level radar, surface velocity radar, camera, datalogger, solar panel and battery was isntalled to monitor water discharge in a small channel used for field irrigation.

Battery Autonomy Test

Geolux HydroStation, programmed to take water level and surface velocity measurements every 15 minutes, was operating solely on battery power for 30 days. We have monitored battery discharge over time.