Security & Defense

Perimeter Security and Drone Detection

Radar Sensors

Geolux radar sensors for perimeter security are designed to detect all moving objects within an area covered by a radar beam. The main application of these sensors is to provide access control and early warning for critical infrastructure objects, such as factories, airports, warehouses etc. Geolux radars operate in license-free K-band (at 24.125 GHz), and in most countries there is no requirement to obtain special license for radio frequency use. Radars for perimeter security can easily be integrated with surveilance cameras, and can automatically point and zoom cameras to the location of detected threat.
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Drone Detection

Today, drones pose a huge security threat to critical infrastructure objects. As the size of drones is very small, it is hard to detect drones by cameras or radars - for example, a bird may have larger radar cross-section than a small drone, and a bird emits more heat that lightweight drone. Some drone-detection systems try to detect electromagnetic emissions sent from a drone that is manually guided; but these systems fail if drone is flown by an auto-pilot. Other systems try to jam GPS signal, but a drone may use precise intertial navigation guidance for its autopilot and be immune to jammed GPS signal.
Geolux has started R&D project which aims to build precise 4D acoustic camera that will be capable to detect drones by searching for their acoustic footprint. By using an array of sensitive microphones, the acoustic camera will be able not only to detect, but also to precisely locate and track the drone.